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Patient Fusion. Give us your email and phone number and join our Patient Portal!

Patient Fusion is our electronic health record (EHR) Patient Portal.  Practice Fusion is the country’s #1 web based EHR and Riverview Psychiatric Medicine has been using Practice Fusion for the past 2 years.  All you need to do to enroll in the patient portal is to give us your email and cell phone number.  When your information is entered by our staff you will automatically be invited to join Patient Fusion through email contact. Follow the directions provided in the email and establish a user name, password and answer a security question and then you are enrolled.
The patient portal will allow you to access important aspects of your medical record including medications prescribed by our psychiatric providers,  diagnoses, laboratory results from our partners Labcorp and Quest. The portal will allow you to make appointments, send secure messages to our staff and leave reviews and comments about the care you received.
So please provide us your email and cellphone number when you call us or check in for your appointment.  Once you join the portal, Patient Fusion will send you email and soon to be text reminders about your upcoming appointment so you won’t forget your next scheduled appointment at Riverview. Our administrative staff will also be asking you for your picture ID so we can download it to your chart so that in the future our staff will be able to identify you when you come for your next appointment.
 If you have any questions about access to the Patient Fusion portal don’t hesitate to ask our administrators.