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Nancy Scherlong offers Psychodrama Workshops

Date: Friday December 14, 2018

Time: 3:00-4:15 PM

Presenter: Nancy Scherlong LCSWR, PTR, CJT, MS

 Are you looking for new ways to cope or feel better? Research shows that certain types of expressive writing can reduce symptoms of repression and even enhance the emotional and physical healing process. In a safe and supportive environment, we will experience the opportunity to creatively express our deepest hopes or fears using structured journaling techniques, metaphor, quotations and poetry as well as have an (optional) opportunity to share our work with one another. No previous experience is necessary and you need not even like writing or want to share your work. Simply attending and participating or in your journal can yield many benefits! Groups are facilitated by Nancy Scherlong, LCSW, PTR, CJT, M/S who is a licensed clinical social worker and credentialed poetry and journal therapist as well as a trainer in the field of therapeutic writing.  Groups will begin in January, 2019 and will meet either one late Friday afternoon or one Wednesday evening weekly for 6 weeks. New members are welcomed every 6 weeks, and existing members can continue if they wish.

Please contact our office at 845-471-1807 or email us at for payment information and registration details or speak with your clinician. This group is for participants ages 18 and older. If there is adequate interest, we will form children’s and adolescent groups. Many group treatments work best when paired with individual support. Group therapy does not replace the need for individual treatment.

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