Innovative Mental Health Care Serving Kingston, NY and Poughkeepsie NY Regions

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC is rolling out Zoom Healthcare as our main telemedicine platform.  Dr. Pardell will still be providing virtual psychiatric visits through Virtual Therapy Connect for those patients who are registered through VTC.  However, we are encouraging all new patients who are in need of/or interested in telemedicine sessions to use the Zoom platform. It is both HIPPA and HITECH compliant. All of our practitioners and administrative staff are hosts and can schedule and set up virtual sessions.


Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC is offering telemedicine visits through Zoom Healthcare. It is a good way to safely receive mental health care you need without an office visit. You can download the Zoom app on your smartphone (Android/IOS), tablet or PC/MAC ( ) and with webcam accessibility our clinicians can virtually connect to you at home with a HIPPA and HITECH compliant web-based communication.  During the crisis, our clinicians can also provide sessions through Facetime and when appropriate phone sessions. Call our offices at 845-471-1807 to schedule a Virtual Mental Health Visit.

Payment for services will be through credit or debit card at time of session. We will be establishing on-line payments in the near future. Our administrative staff can discuss the billing and payment options for our telemedicine sessions. Call our office 845-471-1807 and ask our administrative staff about the telemedicine program.